How do you get along with your inlaws?

It seems like there is either a love or hate relationship with in laws, with little in between. I am divorced now, but my ex mother in law was "interesting" to say the least.

I tried very hard to have a good relationship with her, but as a peer and not as a child. She had a hard time seeing any of us (me, Ex husband or BIL and SIL) as adults, and treated us as such.

Shortly after I had my son my cousin invited me to a field hockey match she was playing in which was right next door to where I was living. My (ex) husband was at her house working on cleaning out some gutters, so I asked her to relay a message that I was walking over to the high school in case he got home and saw I wasn't there. Mind you this was in JUNE.

She decides to tell me "You can't take that baby out, he will get cold! Don't go over there!" to which I reacted less than friendly. I don't remember the exact wording, but it was something along the lines of "I have been a mother for many years now. I think I know when to take a baby out and when not to. This isn't up for discussion, please just pass along the message."

When my ex got home he was laughing and asked me what in the heck happened. Apparently he had to listen to a tirade from his mother about me being disrespectful.

Ahhhh, I have so many more stories, lol.

How about you guys? Crazy in laws or sane ones? Feel free to share stories!

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    I am crazy ! BAZINGA! Kim glad to have you in the family!... just wish you were closer (in proximity)!
      I have a great extended family, however I know that the only reason that my MIL and I have such a nice relationship is because she lives in FL and we are in OH. She has this thing about calling when she needs something and then when we have any type of issues, without even asking her for anything, the first thing out of her mouth is, "I don't have any money." A couple summers back we had an issue with my fiance needing treatment while I was pregnant and life was just tough for me but she made sure to break him down every time we spoke to her and was just down right nasty about the whole situation. She's just...something else and I'm perfectly fine seeing her during holidays or whenever she finds the time to visit us. She's sane, but aggravating.
        My MIL insane. but I don't have to deal with her because she lives far away and my husband rarely talks to her. she is insisting on us coming and seeing her since the baby has been born but I am hesitant because she drinks ALOT and smokes in her house and I'm not comfortable with the baby being in that type of situation. My FIL is great but his wife is a different kind of crazy. they came and visited recently and she was like a slave driver wanting to do project after project to "fix" up my house which as far as I was concerned was perfectly fine to begin with. They are nothing compared to my crazy mother though.
          Veronica, I would be really hesitant about visiting her too! I have nothing against drinking, but people who drink a lot make me nervous around little kids. I'm not talking a beer or two, but the ones who get noticeably drunk.

          My ex MIL was a recovering addict, which was great for her! I will give her credit whre it's due, she came a long way in that respect.

          Still, I had to cut her off from me and the kids due to her toxic personality in regards to my daughter. She made my momma bear come out roaring one time and that's it. I had to be done with her for all of our sake.
            Oh god... yeah I won't go into too many details but yeah my mother in law is crazy. I have come to love my husband's family and even his mother, but then my son was born and it's like she hit this new level of crazy. My mother and Step Father came over from Australia to be here for the birth and only had a few weeks with my son when he was born and my mother in law got so crazy jealous she accused my mum of keeping her away from the baby and went on a tirade about my mum being in more photos with the baby than her and all this crazy stuff. This is just days after I bring the baby home mind you so I was going through enough as it was without all this.
            She's gotten better since my parents went home but she just treated my parents so awfully that I will never really respect her again.
            Anyway I let her watch my son 2 days a week and she makes me PAY her. Everyone I tell about it thinks that's insane that a grandmother makes me pay her to watch him. My own mother would kill to have that special time with him and it makes her furious.
            So yeah it's hard sometimes. But I try to pick my battles for the sake of maintaining peace. But she has 3 pomeranians as well and I cannot STAND it when they lick all over my son. I really have to bite my tongue and hold back what I want to say about it and just shoo the dog.
            Anyway it was good to see this question posted! I needed to vent lol!
            Thanks Melissa yeah there's always drama in my hubby's side of the family. Just usually I'm on the outside of it. It was not a fun time. She did apologize for it in the end though because I told her she'd gotten me to the point of wishing I never even had my child and she felt horrible.
            Also I WILL say that the money she charges me for babysitting she does spend usually on toys and clothes and things for him to have at her place so at least it's going towards our son in a roundabout way.
            I'm sure there's people out there that have worse MIL's than me!
              Melissa Middleton
              Um...uh...they live on the right side of us, the left side of us, two behind us, one around the right corner, one down the street from her (the one around the corner ), and another around the left corner. And another one down the street to the right of us (a newphew). I am not kidding (I wish I was). I get along with the ones no one gets along with too well...the goofier ones. The ones who are stuck up and think they know EVERYTHING, well, them not so much. These are the ones who think they walk on water.

              I have a SIL next door. She has two grown children. She drives me crazy. She thinks she is a baby expert and if you do not take her advice, you have to hear about it. She will even tell my hubby on me if I do not.

              She is extremely nosy. I was taking my son for a walk because he was fussy. Before that, my hubby was hollering for me, and I was unable to hear him because I had already went outsider. So, she comes to her own conclusion that we were arguing. We weren't. She even said that to my hubby's face (she won't say it to mine--I tend to tell it like it is). I have tried and tried to get along and tolerate her. I have failed, I will admit. She is difficult to get along with. Many of his other siblings, there is not a problem.

              She even told my hubby one day that he is going to Hell because he is not going to church (her saying this while she was on her way to the flea market...on a Sunday morning). My hubby is a Christian and he believes. But, he struggles with his faith, at times. I am not going to push him into go to church because then he won't be going for himself nor for God. Apparently no one ever told her "you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar." I'm not saying my hubby is a fly though. Haha

              I have felt like telling her, and probably will if I hear her say it to him again,
              "Sitting in church makes one a Christian just as sitting in a garage makes one a car."
              Or, handing her a stone and asking her to through it (may he who is without sin, cast the first stone).

              Well, yesterday was the final straw. She said I spoil my son by taking him for walks, holding him when he cries, etc. He is four months old.
              Well, she told my hubby and I that we need to spank him. My hubby said to her, "I am NOT spanking a four month old." She replied, "Well, I spanked my children at that age." I was appalled. She will NEVER be left alone with my son, EVER. I think she is insane.

              She always tells us how to parent. I get very annoyed with it. My hubby tells me to ignore her. Now, I am a polite person. I forgive easily, and I am considered sweet by many. But, this woman pushes my buttons, constantly. And, my sweet side to her may become sour.
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