I don't like my daughter's favorite friend..

She's a brat and has two older sisters so naturally is exposed to MORE.. than My daughter.. she knows all the Miley Cyrus songs, etc... she knows what twerking is... and dances like a ho... lol...

She's 7 going on 18.. and I HATE it.. But something about her my daughter loves.. they dance together and play and sing songs..

The mom is nice, but has older daughters.. and I know what its like.. My son grew up with their half brother in the home.. who is older and thus.. was exposed to Star Wars and Harry Potter before his friends were allowed to, so I get it .. to an extent.. but no one was in a thong.. or singing about doing molly...

I told my daughter.. that she can't go there for a playdate .. but she can come here.. some times.. and at school.. she needs to make sure she's running and playing with everyone...

But i don't like her...

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