Oy Vey

I haven't been on in a while... being a new mommy is tough work! Little Mylze is now 10 weeks old, and around 13lbs! He's getting sooo big and handsome :3 In other news, I totaled my husband's car... Thankfully, I did NOT Have baby with me! But it was our family car, since it was a 4-door and I only have a small 2-door coupe... Time to go car shopping! While I'm sincerely counting my blessings, especially after the accident, making at MAX 18,000 a year between us (he gets laid off from an under-the-table seasonal job each winter) just won't do... especially with our wedding next June. And I really don't want to have to move the date. This is just a whole lot of mess this momma is NOT ready to handle!

Oy Vey
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