Climbing on the couch!

My husband reports from home (I'm at work) that Madeleine officially discovered how to do this today. Amid the panic attacks, this is the end of me being able to do any sort of kitchen clean-up while she plays in the living room. We have an open floor plan, and I can see the living room from my sink and dishwasher, but there's no way I'd be able to get around the counters in time to save her if she falls. And thus, my baby grows and my home will fall further into disarray. And she's going to outgrow the jumper any day now--there is no containing a toddler, is there?

And yet, amid the panic attacks, you just have to smile.

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    I don't think so...she likes to drop things off of the couch, then reach down head-first to retrieve them. My husband had to intervene, so we have some teaching to do.
      8Theresa Gould
      The real fun begins, eh? I still have climbers and they are so much older than your Madeleine! it's amazing what they can do and will do with absolutely no clue as to the dangers.
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