A bit aggrivated (pardon the spelling)

The father of my baby isn't wanting my son to stay with him upon agreement. Actually, David isn't taking Paul at all. He hasn't paid child support in 4 months, and that's only $300 since Paul was born. He says his life is chaotic and too busy. Yet, he's the one making it that way. I see that he goes to comedy clubs and has parties every weekend at his house. He posts it on facebook. I take care of Paul 6 days out of the week, my mom, as upon the agreement that I need to get out of the house at least once a week, takes him on Thursdays. I have Paul every night, I feed him and bathe him and he falls asleep on my breast. I'm also studying deeply in biblical studies at BBN BI and neuroscience from Harvard. I'm soon going to be working full time and paying everything for Paul. Part of me wants to tell him off, but I'm not that kind of person. Trying so hard to stay calm and look from all perspectives. .......I also kinda wanna go over there and knock him a good 'en up side his head :p

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    He is still responsible for his child, regardless of marital status. You need a lawyer, and although that costs money, it will pay off in the long term. Men who don't want to pay for babies shouldn't be having sex!!
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      Sorry to hear you are going through this. I know it must be hard. I hope you can get through to him somehow.
        Thanks all :)
        I will have to do something :(
        His parents have absolutely refused to pay anything. They sometimes give gifts to Paul and they do want visits. However, they say that David is a grown man and should take responsibility. I totally agree with them. I wish David would at least make an effort to see his son. :/
        I've known David since 2006, but, long story, short, I sort of knew this would happen. We didn't plan on getting pregnant. From what my mom says; if he doesn't want anything to do with his son, which is what he's showing by his actions, then he can just be my son.
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