Morning sickness!

Who had it? How did you deal with it? Did you miss work or push through the work days? How long did it last?

I had morning sickness all day long every day for 15weeks. I pushed through work and just had the bathroom as my new best friend and all my breaks were spent in it. Cooking meat would make it worse and every food i tried did not stay down. I confided in a friend who had 6 kids calling to see if she had any remedies which was a bad idea she had never once had it I admired her!:)

    8Theresa Gould
    I was like Christina. I only ever threw up twice and that was in my first pregnancy. I just had nausea as my new best friend. I ate saltines and found with different pregnancies resting or eating kept it at bay. Mine last usually through the first trimester sometimes into the second. With my last pregnancy I even had it into my last trimester but I think it was more due to my low iron than morning sickness.
      I had morning sickness it lasted from my 9th week until my 13th week of pregnancy and I worked until I was 39 weeks pregnant.
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