TV time for big kids: how to limit?

So,TV viewing monopolize your child's life, becomes a substitute for friends, hobbies, and all other aspects of his life?
The statistics are dismal: kids ages six months to six years spend three times as many hours watching TV as they do reading or being read to. 1/3 of kids ages six and younger have a TV in their room. The average American kid watches four hours of TV a day.

Strategies for change:

-check your whole family's TV viewing habits: have you ever really stopped the track how much TV you and your kids watch every day? If not, take the parent challenge: for the next few days, keep a dairy of your family TV's habits.

-commit your family to change: enforce a policy of 100 percent TV abstinence for at least a month or two, and don't give in. Find healthy alternatives and substitute positive activities that your kids can do instead of watching the boob tube: board games, music lessons, sport, library.

-set limits on screen time: set a limit as to the maximum number of viewing hours each day and then stick to it. Track your kid's viewing hours on a paper taped by the set. Turn off the TV when the show is over. Don't allow channel surfing. Establish certain TV-free hours, such a s during dinner and from six to eight in the evening when kids usually do homework

-be selective as to content: insist that your kids select in advance the shows they want to watch, and have them submit a weekly schedule that must be approved. Explain that from now on your children must make an appointment to watch TV so that viewing becomes more of a privilege.

-Make the bedroom TV free. Kids who have a TV in their bedroom watch an average of 286 hours more a year than kids who don't. It is difficult to monitor what your kid is watching or for how long when he is watching alone in his room.

-Limit exposure especially on school nights, when viewing may push out homework and reading time. Televised violence bu itself contributes to as much as 15 percent of all of kids aggressive behaviors, so keep close track of what your kids are watching to be sure that it's in line with your family values.

-Review your viewing standards and monitor evening shows in which gratuitous sex, language, and violence are rampant. So do monitor what your kids watch and switch that TV off anytime your instincts tells you that what is airing is inappropriate.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Great advice and so needed. I know our TV viewing has increased in the last year. We went from no TV or hardly any to lots of TV. :( I have already started to limit our children in preparation for planting season, now I have to work on my own habits.
      This is fantastic advice. We don't have cable and haven't for years (it's one of the things we gave up when I became a SAHM, and we haven't found the need to bring it back). But it wasn't until we were paid to keep a TV log that I realized just how often we were watching Netflix or even just had it on in the background. Keeping a log even just for a couple days is a total eye opener.
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          The only problem with that is my husband is addicted. I would love to get away from tv more often, I've noticed that even I normally only watch tv when I'm home, in between house work. I grew up with 1 tv in the living room, you could watch 1 movie a day, no satellite or cable or anything. Huge farm, lots to do. Now I'm living in the city with my husband and I have 2 stepkids that really only want to watch tv or play videogames. Quality time with them has turned into watching tv in the same room. There's a park maybe 1/2 mile from where we live, I love going there, and some nights I'll play card games with my step daughter, but her brother always interrupts (he has emotional problems from his mom abandoning him and not really my husband's son-his dad is dead and my husband has raised him from 2 on up, he's 12 now) then doesn't actually play the game when he joins in, instead just says he's bored etc... The only thing that really keeps his attention is videogames. We don't have any board games, the ones we did have we never used and the kids didn't like. My dsd is turning 10 on the 22nd.
          My husband isn't really interested in playing card games. I'm not sure what I could do to get them to turn the tv off. Like what we could do when it's dark and we can't go outside anymore? And like I said, I don't really have my husband's support on less tv. I wish we didn't have cable or anything because once you've seen the same movies 100n times, they get boring, which makes you get up and do other things. I know, that's what happened when I was a kid. We'd read, play outside, fix tractors etc, help on our neighbors farm.... We'd DO stuff. Now the world revolves around tv.
          And I'm to blame too. I just come home from work and sit and watch tv. If there's nothing on I like, I'll put in a movie. Sometimes I'll go out to the park or I just started gardening today. But I don't know anyone in my area. I don't have friends to hang out with.
          What can I do to get rid of this master of our lives, the evil TV?
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