Reasons some are against homeschooling

I thought it would be interesting to respond to this as a pro-homeschooling mom.

The reasons I think some are against homeschooling are:

1. lack of education on what homeschooling is really all about
2. preconceived ideas - public schools are better, need a certified teacher etc.
3. negative experience with homeschoolers
4. lack of confidence (for being against homeschooling their children themselves)
5. negative news articles about homeschooling families

Those are the top ones I can think of, can you think of any to add?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    I'm not anti-homeschooling for anybody but myself. I am 100% a better mother when I am not with my kids all the time. If a parent (usually the mom, let's be honest) thinks they are capable of providing a good educational experience for their children, that it great. I, however, am not that person!!
      Epiffany endress
      I am a parent that homes schools our son me and my husband and when we were taking him out of public school they said that he lacks in the social area and I told them he has family that he sees and friends outside of school and we are putting him in sports things that he like to do and him being in k12 they have meetings were other parents and there kids get together so it is really up to the parents to make sure the child keeps that social interaction.
        The reason people are against homeschooling is because most parents do not want to do the work to teach there kids. Except for most of the college advance classes in high school. But there is nothing wrong with homeschooling. We have been looking for the past year for our daughter, even though she is only two.

        Plus school districts want as many students in there seats as they can because the more kids the more tax money they need and grants from the government. I went to public school and after high school I was diagnosed with ADHD. My father did not want to admit to me having a problem growing up, so my grades suffered due to not lack of trying but to boredom in school.

        Public schools are nice especially with both parents working. But being picky about the school is not a bad idea.

        Depends on the parents.
          Amanda Hurley
          I hate people asking if homeschooled children get socialization. I think that homeschooled children are more socialized than public school children. They are typically more respectful too.
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