i love being able to sit down and my belly not bulge out and look all gross and weird XD i like looking down (after i move my boobs aside so i can see lol) and seeing a flat belly! though it may not be as flat as id like. it really is wonderful. i love pulling on my smaller shorts and not having a muffin top or feeling my hips and not having a bunch of "love handle" fat there.

i just feel better about myself.... plus i can do alot more activities with kado!! used to take alot of effort to pick him up and get down on the floor XD (i have bad asthma)

my secrets are on here. https://www.facebook.com/NoExcusesWorkoutBuddies

Dr Oz said a lot of women have this problem and aren't aware of it, which is, the Ab muscles stay spread apart after birth and the way to tell, is, when you lean back your stomach makes a triangular shape or if you can feel a big gap in between the muscles. He said women that have this can do 1,000 situps a day and get nowhere UNLESS they tighten the abs B4 doing the sit-up, so, if you are working out after you give birth, be aware of that and tighten, then sit-up, otherwise you will waste your time and energy.
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