Ovarian Cyst

It is normal to develop an ovarian cyst at certain points during your cycle. When your ovary is getting an egg ready for your cycle that egg grows in a follicle. The follicle enlarges early in your cycle and it form an ovarian cyst. Your egg is ovulated from the follicle. If you doctor does an ultrasound of your ovary it is very common to find a cyst . Many pregnant women will have an ovarian cyst present when they have an early ultrasound. The cyst is not harmful and is just a normal part of the cycle.

If you have multiple cysts that may be a sign of problems with your ovulation. Your doctor will probably do further testing to see if your hormones and ovaries are acting normal.

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    Ovarian cysts, like Katie said, are perfectly normal. Unless you experience pain or are not having periods because the cyst doesn't follow the pattern it should and causes you not to have your periods, it's not a big deal. The doctor might want to monitor your ovaries for awhile if you do have issues with the cysts though, which means they will likely do an ultrasound on your for a few months in a row right after ovulation time.
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