Sex education at school

What are your thoughts on sex education in schools?

Should this be a subject between the parents and child?

Do you believe a comprehensive sex education program in school is a good thing?

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        I am a very strong believer that sex education needs to be taught in schools, not just sex education though but more detailed human biology. It is very sad when I meet women who do not even understand their basic anatomy, they do not know exactly what a uterus, ovary or fallopian tube is. Some schools and families are so against sex education that basic biology is totally lacking.

        It is something that should be taught by the parents but we can't ignore that facts that many parents are just not teaching it. So society and schools need to step in and start teaching it for the good of our society.

        When someone says "sex education" I think many people have a vision of kids being taught how to have sex, what positions to get in for sex, and about different types of sex. I think that this image that we think of it false.

        Proper sex education should be teaching our children what their body is, the parts of their body, what is normal to expect from their body, what changes to expect from their body, what they can do to protect their body, what signs and symptoms to watch out for as possible problems they might have with their body. We need to empower our children with education.

        I am very sad and worried for our society as a whole when I meet a 20yr old woman who doesn't even know what her basic female body parts are, when she doesn't even know how a women gets pregnant, when she doesn't even understand what her period and monthly cycle are really doing.
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