Pregnancy after a Vasectomy

It is possible to get pregnant from your partner after he has had a vasectomy. It is very important for your partner to follow all of the doctors directions after his vasectomy.

A vasectomy is a surgery that cuts the little tubes that connect the testicles to the penis. Those tubes are called are what the sperm travels through to get from the testicles, where they are produced, and out through the penis. During the vasectomy surgery the tube are cut, and the ends are often burned to prevent them from healing together. The surgery is a fairly minor outpatient procedure.

After the surgery it is very important to know that the man is still fertile and he can still get you pregnant. He will still have sperm in the tubes. After the procedure his doctor will give him specific instructions that must be followed to pregnant pregnancy. It can take a few ejaculations or months before all the sperm have been cleared out of the tubes and the penis. Most doctor will recommend he come back at certain times and provide a semen sample. The doctor will look at that semen sample to see if it has any sperm. Once a man has had three semen samples come back clear, with no sperm, he will be considered sterile.

Some men have still been able to get their partner pregnant even after they were declared sterile. Sometimes the tubes can repair and reconnect and heal, allowing the sperm to be able to travel out of the penis again. Surgical techniques have changed the past few years to make this less likely. Talk to his doctor about any potential risks of getting pregnant after vasectomy and make sure to follow all recommendations.

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