Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy

You should not be able to get pregnant after a vasectomy if everything was done properly. If you and your partner would like to get pregnant and he has a vasectomy then he needs to make an appointment with a urologist. There are a few things that can possibly be done to get sperm from the man.

A vasectomy reversal surgery can be done. It is not always effective and the man's testicles can be sterile depended on long he had the vasectomy. A urologist will be able to go over the risk and benefits of getting the reversal surgery and let you know that kind of odds of success it will have. Sometimes a reversal might not be a good option but they might be able to go into the testicle with a needle and retrieve some sperm.

Neither procedure is guaranteed to work and both have a low success rate. When a vasectomy is preformed it is intended to be permanent so the odds are pretty low it can be reversed. Talk to a doctor about your particular situation.

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