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I have this page bookmarked (first time mom, can you tell? *grin*) All babies are different, I think each baby takes their time to get going places. My friend told me her son pulled himself up to a standing position at 3 months. Charlie isn't there yet but I'm not worried! My advice is to get your advice from reputable sources. If you think maybe your little one isn't progressing like they should, talk to your pedi :)

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    Oh he's just so dang fun! (He might think the camera is his mom at this point, I've had to dump my phone to make space twice since he was born..haha). But I think he might be teething? His gums don't look red or swollen, and he doesn't have a fever, but he's drooling like crazy and chewing on his hands a lot. And BOY is he cranky. I know something's off because he's just the easiest baby all the time and lately wow... just unhappy a lot. I can get him calm by going through the list of stuff I've figured out. Just feel bad for the little bugger!
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