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Right now I have in the Mirena and I've heard some scary things about it. I've heard it can pierce through the uterus wall and cause infection among other things. I know of a woman who had to have it removed because it damaged her uterus. I havn't had a "normal" period since before I got pregnant. I also have pelvic cramping often. Should I go se a GYN and get it removed or am I just peranoid??

    I think you should call your doctor and talk to them about the concerns you are having. The concerns you are having are very real concerns and your doctor should have explained the risks before you got the Mirena. There are many women who have the Mirena and don't have complications with it so talking to your doctor about the risk and benefits is good. They might be able to do an ultrasound to check the current placement and let you know if it looks ok or if there is a problem.
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