I use the Munchkin baby food grinder. It works really well!

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    I have never heard of this grinder ... is it electric or a hand grinder?
      The baby food grinder is by hand but isn't very hard at all, some foods, like carrots, you've got to steam or boil before you grind it up, but on pre cooked or soft foods like peas, you can just put in the tube of the grinder, then turn the handle. It's pretty cheap. I got it for only $8 at walmart. It's much healthier than baby food. My son won't even eat the stuff in a jar. Anyone who wants to get a grinder, this one's pretty good. I really like it.
        jeanette... thanks for sharing. Munchkin has some neat stuff! I figured it was a hand grinder because I had not heard of munckin coming out with a food processor type...thanks for confirming!
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