Omg, I never thought my breasts could be in so much pain! My nipples hurt so bad, and while I absolutely love my daughter and the bond we are creating, I can hardly stand it when she latches.. It hurts soo bad!
My breasts are really huge, and really warm to the touch. My nipples are cracked, and so sore!
I've pumped a little bit, but even pumping hurts right now..
My cousin suggested taking a hot bath and massaging the milk out.. Just kind of relieve the pressure I guess.

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    I remember the health nurse telling me a warm cloth would help. Are you using nipple cream I think the first two weeks I was caking it on none stop and try to let them air out and wipe them after each feed with a warm cloth and the put cream on. Maybe try a nipple shield I have heard of that helping with sore nipples. The first few weeks were a bit crazy but once you get past it things level out and aren't so bad we made it to 21 months. Let me know of any of those help you. Or if anything else does I'm due in September and hoping to be prepared with ideas incase I have the pain again.
      If you are having pain like that with latching it means she is not latched on properly. Please see a lactation consultant as soon as possible tomorrow. The pain you are experiencing is not normal and it can be fixed. It is not normal to have cracked nipples either, it is just another sign that the baby is not latching on deep enough.

      It also sounds like your milk just came in and you are engorged. A hot bath and relaxing can help. Ice packs on your breasts in 10min intervals can help as well. Cabbage leaves on your breasts are great too.

      Please see a lactation consultant tomorrow. You should be able to find a free one through La Leche League and Breastfeeding USA. Also try calling your doctor or hospital for more local contacts. Please send me a private message if you need any more help too.
        When i first had my son and i was breastfeeding it hurt me really bad. He is now 6 months and i hardly even know hes doing it. It takes time for your nipples to get used to it. they have a nipple cream you can put on it after every feeding that i used and helped with cracking (it wont hurt your baby) and they also have these soothing rings that have beads in them and you put in microwave for 6 seconds and you apply them to your breast and it relieves pressure also. Just hang in there and everything will work out! My son is now the healthiest baby from breastfeeding! Good Luck!
          katie is correct you should not be in so much pain. The latch needs to be correct for painless breastfeeding.
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