Regular OBGYN (Male) vs Nurse Practicioner (Female)?

So I scheduled my regular yearly appointment with my OBGYN but they could not get me in in the times I was needed and asked if I wanted to see the Nurse Practicioner rather than the doctor. Usually this is not a problem for me when doctors are concerned ... but the Nurse is a women and i usually see the doc who is a man. Why it would bother me that the Nurse is a women I do not know ...maybe because I am just comfortable with my OB? Anyone have thoughts on a male VS Female OB/Nurse practicioner?

    I have a female and prefer a female. I am more comfortable as well.
      My mom once told me that men are gentler as OBs than women, and she thought because they don't have the parts, so they don't know what will and won't hurt, lol.
        i try to only see females
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