Does anyone else work at night? How do you manage sleep?

i have worked overnight for a few years now... and have always found it hard to manage sleep. Does anyone else have this problem? Not necessarily a problem falling asleep but the time to actually do so. When the world is awake I think it is natural for us to be awake and there in lies the dilemma!

    I do. It's 3 am here right now and I'm working away... I don't know that it would work with kids, but one thing that helps me is allowing myself to 'cycle.' I might sleep in an hour or two longer each day than the day before, staying up later also. Eventually, I cover the entire spectrum of sleep-times. I really just pay attention to how I feel and what time-sensitive commitments are present the next day and adjust accordingly.

    Another neat thing to try if you never have is polyphasic sleep. There are different versions, and it does require a month or so of training... but talk about adding hours and productivity to your life!! Basically, you train your body to go into REM sleep immediately, rather than the slow cycle of drifting into it. So, instead of sleeping 6-8 hours a night (or day, as it were) you might take 4 one-hour naps at different points through the day. Once your body is accustomed to falling directly into REM, TADAH! You have a couple more hours and also generally feel more refreshed. There's never that early-morning grogginess to deal with. One great article I found on this was by Steve Pavlina. Googling his name plus polyphasic sleep should pull it up.

    And... neat fact! Did you know some research suggests that your genes may play a role in your sleeping habits? For example... If you were of African descent... Your body might feel most refreshed sleeping on an African schedule than an American one, regardless of daylight hours here.
    Cassandra... this is great information... might try a few of these!
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