How many work from home jobs have you had?

I've been working toward working from home fully for several years. In that time frame, I've had quite a few jobs. I think it really is a discovery process... What you like, what you're willing to do... Just taking the first step can help hone in on a passion and open up many doors for opportunity!

I've been a freelance writer, writing SEO articles about all sorts of topics.

I own several websites in various niches. Some of this includes blogging and also book reviews of genre-specific indie literature.

I've been a web designer and also do graphics design.

I do marketing which is surprisingly fun, at least when working with the right people. I love helping people with their branding and aiding them in reaching the right people who are passionate about the same things. Everything from ad copywriting to social media to analysis and planning and more.

I've done a LOT of editing and proofreading. I edit everything from articles and newsletters to novels, anything at all. Editing is something that comes very naturally to me, so it is relaxing and enjoyable, especially since I love to read. Finding the right people can make all the difference when it comes to editing too. I'm even an editor for! Even though I may not always post or comment, I LOVE reading all the things you lovely ladies are saying while I work.

I hope to possibly one day break into the industry as a publisher, but I don't have any immediate plans. I would also like to have a farm, which my husband and I intend to work on when we get our (first!) home after I move in just a week or two. No one in our family is a farmer, so it should be a fun learning experience.

Oh, and I also REALLY enjoy consulting. I've spent many years learning my trade and I enjoy helping others in any way I can. Hardly anything makes me feel better than sharing my knowledge, saving people time and money, and being able to help others achieve their dreams!

What about you guys? What sort of work from home jobs have you done? What was your favorite? Do you have a work from home dream job?

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