Rough night = rough day

Avery has FOUR teeth coming through right now. Two of them have poked through a bit bt the rest are just swollen gums still.

She would not sleep last night. Tylenol did nothing. Nursing did nothing. Diaper change did nothing. We finally gave in and let her sleep in our bed. We don't like to do this because nobody sleeps great when that happens, but poor sleep is better then no sleep.

Today we are all exhausted, including Avery. Now naps are a nightmare because she's so overtired... Hopefully these teeth finish up soon cuz I don't know how much longer we can take this.

    Misery loves company right??? Well I'm right there with ya!! We are on day 6 of my daughter SCREAMING HER FACE OFF if I'm not holding her and pacing the hallways.

    Hang tough mama. Soon enough we will both miss these days!
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