Too Much Homework: Reality or Myth

I don't have a school aged daughter yet, but I do have friends who do and I have heard from many-a-parent that there is too much homework for kids. This article though talks about research that shows the actual amount of homework really hasn't increased much over the last 30 years.

What do you Moms of school aged kids think? Does your child get too much homework? How are you helping them cope with how much homework they have?

    My 4 year old gets homework in his pre-school. It's nothing major, takes us maybe 5 minutes to complete, but at that age I think it's completely inappropriate. I put up with it though because he is a total rule follower (about some things) and he knows he won't get a smiley face on his homework sheet if he doesn't complete it... apparently we live for smiley faces. :/
      I hate homework. I think it's a big bummer for kids after about 1st grade.. They're at school allllll day and homework creates a negative relationship with school and work.

      Maybe a page or read but I think kids should be kids and play after school.

      My son would like school much more if there wasn't another hour to two hours every night of it.
      They're tired!!!
        When my kids were in a private school, they got tons of homework. It was ridiculous, and the teachers' estimations of how long it should take the child to do the work was unreasonable. Then we put them into a public school where they hardly get any. I think the education at the public school is much better, too.
          5Soninka Martin
          I think my daughter gets to much homework for a 3 grader. She has to read for 20 mins. everyday which I agree with. But then she has computer online homework to do which takes her 30 mins.
          I have to agree with Jessica. I have a kindergarten and a 1st grader that also goes to school. Also sometimes have to much homework to do. By time they our done. They have little free time.
            My 5 year old on K has a homework packet every weekend. It's usually about 6 pages, and we have a three day weekend so it's no big deal. My 9 year old 3rd grader has occasional math homework, but it never amounts to much. But others in her class have more, they have to take things home to finish if they don't get it done in class.
              depends on the teacher, and if your kid gets his class work done each day
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