Ummmm.. No.

A mom of my daughters friend texted this morning if my daughter could come over for a play date. But she won't be there, the aunt will.
First, no. I don't know this mom well, but she's great... However I've never seen her home, don't know her aunt and the older sister will be there.

I told the mom straight out that I wasn't comfortable. And I felt like ugh.. Maybe I should loosen up but then ... No f ing way.
My daughter was less than pleased. I told her its basically sending her to a stranger.

This is the beginning of that molestation story or disappearance story and it would be my fault.

No. Way.

Not until I know the mom better, have been to the home, etc...

Do people really send their kids to friends houses they don't know well??? I can't imagine.

I'd hate myself if something happened. I'm sure all would be fine but no risks dude.

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    Yes.. I told her mom that we can set one up for another time.. I work and so does she ... so, after school may not be great.. today was a minimum day and would have been lovely for her to have a playdate rather than after school care.. But I just.. can't..

    My kids go home with friends a lot.. But these are people that the moms I consider friends as well.. you know? We've had dinner and swam at their home.. we hang out on the weekends.. text a lot about stupid stuff.. People I trust and that are on my emergency list..

    The mom here seems great, but I don't know.. I don't know her BF or her sister.. OR her home..

    My little girl is smart and makes good decisions, but still.. no way..

    Thank you ladies!!!!
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