oh boy terrible twos before he's even two!

My son has some horrible tantrums, he will smack and kick you, scream at you, push you away, mainly if he doesn't get what he wants or if you tell him no and take something away from him. Then some days he will throw himself on the ground and kick and scream and cry. then if you try to touch him he will swat at you to go away. when he gets like this i just take him to his room and he throws his fits in his room then when he's done he comes back out because there usually is nothing at that point to calm him down but to let him calm himself down.

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Great advice. I make sure my child is in a safe place and let them have their tantrum, I don't give any attention for it.
    That's smart. You gotta do exactly that. Let them have their fit. No attention for it.

    I would almost just leave him where he is and walk away but whatever is working for you.

    It's almost worse when they're younger cause they have so little words. My kids had the terrible 3's but felt it was "easier" because they knew more.

    Sucks all around though.
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