This is the 1st grade lesson on "big bigger biggest" type stuff...
Look at pic... Now I'm thrilled my daughter was the 'prettiest' but can't help to think that the teacher should have veered them towards a different word??

She said the kids grouped in 3's and decided in the words.

But I think it's crappy.

I made sure my daughter knew that I too think she's beautiful but the "funniest" or "kindest" or "silliest" is far more revered in our home.

That she's the prettiest because she's fun and kind...

But still. Ugh. Don't like it.

    Yep. Agreed. The teachers are great and I love them and have a great relationship w them and I asked them in a joking way.. If they had chosen my daughter and they says the girls came up w the word and decided who was prettiest but she also made it clear that it wasn't an actual "she's prettiest".. That they just chose their spot for the picture. Picture first, word second. So that made more sense to me given their order and pose.
    Maybe I was over sensitive .. But I truly think so much is placed on looks. That would my daughter even understand or care or GET if she was the 'pretty' one instead?
    Anywho. Lol.
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      EXACTLY.. I feel that it was "innocent".. that they weren't actually saying that she WAS the prettiest.. that they were just there in line.. and by chance she was the third, BUT... to be interpreted the wrong way... was my concern.. and I'm not going to lie, I'm happy that she WAS the prettiest, so if it DID come up based on the actual word rather than the exercise and learning activity.. then I would want my daughter to FEEL beautiful...

      I try to make sure she knows that she's pretty because ALL of who she is.. and that her friends are beautiful too (except the mean ones)...

      Thank you!!
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