sour patch kid

I called my son the sour patch kid the other day and him and his father laughed at me. Because for a couple days carter was just being straight mean to me all both days and was just being a brat and mean to me, well then the next couple days following he was like the sweetest little boy ever, constantly giving me surprise hugs, and kisses and always wanted to cuddle with me and never once threw a tantrum unlike the prior days. so i called him the sour patch kid, because he can be real mean one day then the next be the sweetest loving little toddler.

like he knew he was being a total brat and then he completely surprised me the next couple days afterwards with all the hugs and kisses, oh! and he even helped me put the groceries up, TOTAL SHOCK, because i've never shown him how, i was just pulling the bags to the fridge and there he is grabbing a bag trying to pull it and his face while he was trying to pull the bag was priceless, then he was putting cans in the cabinets for me, i was speechless. It was just too cute.
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