Drawers and Cupboards

Well I can' say its a challenge lately. Kendall is in all of my cupboards and drawers, in the kitchen or in the bedroom dressers. Everything harmful is put up. I'm still made to feel bad letting him play with the Tupperware and pots/pans/lids and spoons to make noise. I stay home with him everyday and he loves to be in the kitchen to look out the windows to watch for daddy to come home. I don't mind having to wash them. But they try to make it seem like i'm a bad mom for not having locks on the cabinets. We can't afford them. I have a baby gate to keep him out of the kitchen but when i'm cooking i'd rather have him closer where hes in the kitchen or in his high chair with a small snack. It makes me question if i'm in the wrong since i was able to do that as a child.

    Who and why is it bad that he can go into your cupboards and play?? As long as the harmful stuff is removed, I think that's awesome.. My kids did the same thing.. they had special doors and drawers that they LOVED pulling stuff out of. I didn't even need to wash it, I kept it clean, they were clean, our floor was clean...

    I got some of the fake food from Walmart and put it in the bowls and stuff and they LOVED it.. I was always careful that they weren't right under me, if I was at the stove or had hot water or a skillet.. and that they couldn't smash their fingers on a drawer..

    But seriously. that's the best thing you can do... I only baby proofed the things that I couldn't control...

    You're fine.. let them play.. don't listen to anyone else...
      Who in the world is saying this is a bad thing to you? My kids LOVED to play in the cabinets! The worst thing about it to me was the headache that sometimes ensued after listening to the drumming on the pots and pans with spoons.

      I say let your little one be. In fact, next time someone says that you a good reply would be "Thank you, I will give your opinion all of the consideration it deserves." in a firm manner and smile at your little drummer. Sometimes you have to shut people down and not let their opinion matter more than it should.
        I don't have locks on my cupboards. There is nothing wrong with letting him play with tupperware and pots and pans.

        As long as you have all the cleaning supplies, chemicals, and knives up high where he can not reach them then you are doing everything right.
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