What To do When You are Not Sure You love Your Child

I know that these feelings are taboo in society but it does happen. It is possible if you are having this kinds of feelings you could be suffering from postpartum Depression and thought it may be hard to share how you are feeling you need to tell your doctor or a therapist or someone who can help you. If you do not feel like you can take care of your baby or could harm them make sure find someone who can help you take care of them.

it is important to know that you should tell someone about your feelings rather than suffer with them alone.

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    Absolutely... If you feel off or not connected to your child, something chemical is happening.. and don't feel embarrassed or ashamed, it's not YOUR fault.. but DO get help.. and if you have thoughts of them becoming hurt or harmed .. then get to a Doctor right away.. This is FAR MORE COMMON than we know.. and does NOT mean you're a bad mom or person...

    But get help.. I would imagine it's a horrible feeling KNOWING that you feel this way.. no one should love like that...
      Another distinction to make is this. You probably love your child, but don't like them all the time. It's perfectly normal to hit a really rough spot for many reasons. Maybe you are depressed, maybe something is going on with your little one (behavior issues, etc.) or maybe you feel overburdened with no help.

      None of that makes you a bad person. Bad people don't want help to make their situation better, they tend to lack the insight that something isn't quite right. So, like the other ladies said talk to someone that can help you work through this.
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