1st grader fears an intruder or something...

Not sure what's going on.. My kids play downstairs in a courtyard that's gated from the street.. We live in a nice neighborhood.. Not the "Best".. but you know..

Anyway.. the other day, my daughter was down there bouncing her ball, waiting for the neighbor and I could see her and hear her and the gate was closed and then she suddenly BOOKED it upstairs to me and said there was a man on the street mad and yelling at someone..and that she thought she should come up... I praised her for following her instincts and we waited and moved to the other side of the courtyard and I made sure all was fine, etc..

But NOW.. this happened a few days ago, at bed time.. she starts to ask about how someone could get into our home, if our windows were locked, etc.. and that she's scared someone bad could come in and take me and hurt them...

I showed her all the windows, and had her see how the locks on the front door look and told her that we were safe and that we were on the top floor and no one wants to hurt us, etc..

THEN we had the earthquake and it was a BIG one.. didn't "measure" big, but we FELT it like a big one.. and now she's scared of THAT happening and me not getting to her...

I'm giving it a few nights and letting her sleep with me and then taking her to her room and letting her come back if she gets scared.. it's terrifying at 7 when you suddenly realize that the world isn't all butterflies and rainbows and Unicorns... and it breaks my heart...

I'm hoping it's a phase.. but any tips on things you've told your kids to make them feel safer?

I told her I know karate.. lol.. we are safe on the second floor, don't have really nice things.. etc...

    8Theresa Gould
    That's a tough one. I think you did well and I hope she feels better in a few days. Could something someone said or discussed at school or around her cause her concern?
    I asked her if someone at school told her a story or something? And she said, no but who knows.. They talk so much..

    it was okay a few nights and then last night she was scared again.. hard to tell what's real and what her just focusing on it and wanting to sleep with me, which I haven't let her fall asleep in my bed except one night..

    I too think it's a phase.. and will pass.. I just feel sad for her.. it's scary...

    Thank you
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