Parenting books can be a load of CRAP! One thing I'd tell new moms...

If I could tell every new mom something, it would be... "take everything you read with a grain of salt"...

The parenting book in your hand, on your bedside table, coffee table, car... is not a baby bible.. it is based on certain factors and scenarios... on "typical" types of children.. average if you will..

The baby books I read and the pregnancy books I read.. I always felt like I couldn't relate..

For instance.. the "what to expect.. etc.." Told me when I was having a pregnancy migraine.. that ALL i had to do was lay down in a dark room for a couple of hours and maybe have a little caffeine and tylenol..

UM... first.. I worked.. secondly, I had two other kids that didn't allow me to LAY DOWN for two hours..

That's just a small example.. the sleeping thing.. the should and should nots..

So, moms.. new moms.. grain of salt.. take the info.. do what's best for you and your family... find YOUR way...

    I also think there is this general sort of "happy mom, everything is great" out look.. and I'm sorry, I LOVE my kids and my life as a mom, but this S*** is HARD.. and you need to be able to express that part too and know that it's hard for other moms.. even the ones that don't show it.. That even if you love it and love your kids and your life .. it's still really hard... and these books kind of lead you away from that acknowledgement,,, and then you feel like something is wrong with you that you're not super happy super mom every morning..
    My SIL and I talk about this all of the time. She has 4 boys and I have 3 boys with baby #4 due in December. We all love our kids but it is not all sunshine and rainbows. Siblings fight, kids get cranky, and in turn mom is tired and sometimes over whelmed. Is mother hood always great? No. Is it always bad? No. Some people need to understand that.
      Yes! SO true!

      Back when I first had Mini there was a huge anti co-sleeping campaign. There was no discussion about how to do it safely, who shouldn't do it... none of that. Just not to do it, period.

      I didn't last very long with the no co sleeping thing, and I wish I had just done what I felt was the right thing, brought her to bed with me. That's where she eventually ended up, but we were both miserable before I broke down and did it.

      I wish more books would tell you "Do what works for you. But do it safely." and then proceed to explain how to do things safely.
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