Marriage Advice

It is your son or daughters wedding day and you want to give them one piece of advice about how to make it work.

What would you say to them?

    I think I would say something about always communicating. Always let te other person know what your feeling/thinking even if it doesn't seem important. People change and if you communicate along the way you will change together instead of drifting apart. Think through your words before you say them and always seek to understand before trying to be understood.

    I would also tell them to let go of all the "should be's". Don't get caught up in things like: we should be going on dates this ofteb, we should be in our own house, we should have kids now, we should be more/less of anything, etc. your relationship will be different then everyone else's. It should be the way it is as ling as you both are happy.
      Great question!

      The most important things are to communicate and treat each other with respect. Couples need to learn how to fight fair.

      I agree that my exact advice will vary from child to child.

      I promise not to be a crazy mother in law!
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