"Lightning Crotch"

Now... I know what you are all thinking. WHAT THE HECK IS LIGHTNING CROTCH!?!?!

Upon my investigation into shooting pains in the cervix/vagina I came across a post calling it "lightning crotch". I LAUGHED SO HARD I needed to share it with all of you!!

Still don't know what's causing these sharp, intense pains down there, but I see my OB at 3:45 today. Maybe, just maybe he'll have an explanation for me!
Keep Smiling everyone!

    I know what lightening crotch is! I experienced it during each of my pregnancies. Those baby's love to be tricky and cause us discomfort.

    Try getting on all fours and doing some pelvic tilts, I promise it will help!

    I hope your doctor has come ideas to bring you some relief!
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