It is Naptime!!!!

My daughter is finally taking a nap. She has been so good about taking her naps lately. Just last month when I put her to nap she would scream and cry. Now I just lay her in her playpen in my room and about 10-15 minutes she is out and will sleep for 2 hours. One nap a day. How is naptime at your house?

    5Soninka Martin
    OK. Sometimes. My 2 year old she sometimes take a nap and sometimes she doesn't.
    My 1 year old have no problem taking naps.
      Naptime is a quickly becoming a thing of the past in our house for the children but something of a constant for the parents! LOL!... the less the children need to nap the more we do ... Seriously though my youngest is 5 and yes she will still take a nap in the afternoon. We have quiet time in the afternoon when we can where she either will take a nap or play quietly. It works very well to destress from her school day in morning kindergarten and if she needs the rejuevenation of a nap she can do so!
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