Happy Hump Day

Well it's Wednesday and I've already had a pretty busy day. I went and dropped the kids off at school, went to McDonald's and had my coffee and let Chloe and Nick play on the slide and Cody and I sat at a table while they played. I was doing that because I wanted to wait until the stores at the mall opened, so we waited and finally left around 10:00. We went to the mall and went to Target I had to get some things from there and then I just browsed around the mall for a little bit with the three kids and we left, now we're back home it's almost 1:00 and it's almost time to think about getting the kids from school. Nick and Cody fell asleep in the van and are still sleeping and Chloe is right here with me watching Nick, Jr. Can I ever have an easy day? Probably not, but I enjoy what I do and love having kids.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    9Michelle Fritch
    Thanks ladies and not at all Melissa lol, there is always something to do.
      I miss Target, the nearest Target it two hours away. My bank account doesn't miss Target though ;) I am eating McDonalds now and drinking my frappe.
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