Anyone have tips for helping my 2 year old get out of my bed and into her own? Bed time is a disaster in our house!

    Can you tell us what your current bedtime routine looks like? What time do you put her to bed? What do you do to get her to bed?
      great questions! We normally get home between 6 - 630. I give Madison a bath and then she helps me make dinner while we wait for my husband to get home. After we eat dinner we normally all sit down as a family and watch a little tv and play with Mads toys. Between 8 - 830 we go upstairs, brush her teeth, change her diaper, and then she goes to sleep in our room. We normally lay next to her until she falls asleep....

      She started full time sleeping with us about 3 months ago when she jumped out of her crib. Prior she was in her crib but with alot of effort. One of us would normally lay on the floor next to her crib until she slept or we could creep out ninja style!

      We just ordered a big girl bedroom set scheduled to arrive on the 29th of March. Hoping to get back on the right foot.
        8Theresa Gould
        With the exception of our oldest, we always did what you are currently doing with our two year olds. We read, pray, sing and lay with them until they are asleep.

        What isn't going well for you with your current routine, just that she isn't sleeping in her own bed? She may take to her new bedroom set, I know our oldest loved her bunkbed when we got it for her.
          I know with my kids, it's all about presentation.

          If you haven't already gone to get bedding etc for the new bed, I would have her be part of that. Make a BIG DEAL about how special it is and how exciting and blah blah blah. Act like it's a special treat for her to sleep in her new bed, and hopefully it WILL be a special treat that turns into a habit.
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