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Hi moms, been awhile ive been on here! Anyway, my boy is 6 month. Hes been eating oatmeal. I tried to feed him fruit or veggies from the jar. Doesnt like it. Tried to mix it with rice cereal or oatmeal. Doesnt like it. Only would take a bite or 2. Only oatmeal he will eat. He likes to chew on celery or carrots from his hand. What should I do? Try to feed him different flavor every other day and see? Give him more time? I dont want to develop any allergic or not trying to force but wasnt sure what he likes or want beside oatmeal...

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    Remember as they say food before one is just for fun:) one of my little ones wouldn't eat food until he was 12.5 months old! He would gag at the sight of food, a spoon etc! Baby led weaning is a great option - I always start with my own homemade purée before I take the plunge into BLW (I tend to worry too much)

    But keep offering and baby will get there:) you are doing great!
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