Massive pain

Had some massive pain last night. woke up at 2am feeling very uncomfortable. then after moving around for a min a spike of severe pain went through my back and chest. hurt so bad. and after 10 min. it just stopped. been in a bit of pain since. but so far nothing like that again.

    8Theresa Gould
    That doesn't sound very good. I would call the doctor too. Was the pain just in your chest/back area or else where?
      It was just in my mid back and chest. I looked it up and people were saying it is growing pains or indigestion, but I have only had it once where it was super bad. So far it has come 3 times, all late at night and just starts randomly and then just stops. No pain, no nothing. Just gone. But it's been about a week since I have had the pain. All 3 times I didn't eat anything either. I ate probably 5 hours before the pain started.
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