20 months old toddler development

Toddler can walk up steps.
Number of synapses increases.
Toddler can form concepts and categories.
First sentences are often telegraphic.
Self-conscious emotions, such as embarrassment, envy, emerged, and guilt have emerged.
Negativism begins.
Urge for autonomy is developing.
Conflicts with older siblings increase.
Child recognizes self in a mirror.
Use of first-person pronouns.
Parental gender-typing peaks.
Child may show social ( helping) behavior.

Mental scale: Name three objects
Motor Scale: Jumps off floor with both feet
Language scale: Says first sentence ( 2 words)
Toddlers sometimes become anxious because they now realize how much they are separating from their caregivers.
Your toddler may be able to name their body parts when you point to them.
Toddlers are more likely to share their toys with others for longer than a few minutes.
Children this age can usually feed and undress themselves, to a certain extent.
Most soon-to-be 2 year olds can throw or kick a large ball.
Some toddlers approaching their second birthdays may be good candidates for toilet training depending on the interest they have shown
In many circumstances your toddler now recognizes what's right and what's wrong.
Your toddler can't be responsible for his dental health, but he can begin learning how to brush his little teeth
Ask a simple question and you just might get a simple answer from your growing tot

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