Big kid shoves a baby: what can parents do about it?

In this case I would tell the big kid that they shouldn't be shoving a baby and I would probably ask them where their parents are and take the child to the parent and explain what happened and leave it at that. The only thing is there's always a chance the parents won't care and take offense to being told what their child did wrong. The only alternative is to get the baby out of harms way and back with you if it is your baby or its parents.

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    I don't think I was so calm when it's happened to my kids.. I was never afraid to tell another child a harsh "NO.. where is your mommy?".. if they pushed my child or another for that matter... I come from a place, where if you're not watching your kid then you leave ME to handle it.. And if it's a bigger big kid.. then I'm willing to bet that it's not the first time and if you're kid is of that disposition, then you better watch him closer and i'll let you know what I think..
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