Argh....Miss Moo

Miss Moo appears to have lost another calf, only 33 days in. :( So disappointing. From a production standpoint our vet would recommend us putting our money into a bred heifer or a heifer to be bred, but understands if we want to try again. We will try again because there are too many factors that may be influencing breeding her - her getting into the moldy hay and her getting her head stuck surely didn't help! So in three weeks time we will try a different bull semen, probably a Dutch Belted, since Grumpy the Guernsey bull isn't working. Sure hope we can get her bred because I cannot imagine culling (killing) Miss Moo at this point and not sure how/when we can get another cow or heifer.

Having a bull here on our property or sending her somewhere with a bull scares me. We need the AI to work.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    5Marissa Melville
    thats tough :/ we have cattle too, we have 5 bulls right now, we went from 152 head to 100 after we had to ship old cows, this last month, the drought in California has been killing us! I think having a bull on your property wouldn't be so bad, as long as you have good fencing, angus and herferd bulls are very gentle, and investing in a few young heifers wouldn't be too bad, or a bull calf and raising him up? or a girl calf?
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