Private school? Boarding school?

Right now my 14 year old daughter attends the Dunn Boarding School in California, about 10 miles from our ranch where we live, so not too far, where do your kids go to school? public or private? what do you think about them?

5Marissa MelvilleBuellton, California
    8Theresa Gould
    We homeschool, which is considered a private school under Illinois law. It's hard work but I couldn't imagine doing anything different.

    Does your 14 year old like the boarding school she attends? Does she stay there if it's only 10 miles away or does she come home every night?
    5Marissa Melville
    she stays there, but daddy has been picking her up to come home to help us out with the baby, she will be going back tomorrow. Yeah I think she likes it, its all she has ever known, when she was in k-3 we were in London so she went to private school there, and we came back and she went 4-5 at St.Patricks school and now she is at Dunn, I love her school honestly i would want to go there! instead of PE she does horse back riding, and there are tons of business and ag classes there! we own Melville winery which is big in California so we would like her to be somewhere with privacy for the time being.
      I'm going to explore all the options when it's time. I would love to send my kids to private school. We will have to see
        For elementary school, I don't mind the public school system we are in, in Los Angeles. But I will say that for middle school and definitely High School, if I could afford it and hoping to be ABLE to afford it, I will put my kids in private school.. More or less for the social reason... yes, I know there can be bullying anywhere, but I know the private school here I would choose has a strict policy and smaller amount of students and little to know incidents of bullying or kids just being hateful and nasty.. I also like my kids to be active.. And the one stop shop thing appeals to me.. rather than driving them everywhere after school and pick ups.. as for academics.. Of course.. But in all honesty, it's almost more for their safety on and in school..
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