Best potty seat for traveling

I was a huge germaphobic (still am in some ways) and we had two child pottys - one for the house and one for the van. When traveling it is hard for a child to wait until the next rest area or gas station and I always found it easier and more sanitary to have a potty for the car. It wasn't always so pleasant smelling but we dealt with that and opened the windows!

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    Yuck.. lol.. But there were many times I wished we HAD a potty in the car.. HATE public restrooms.. still do.. HATE them.. I'm always with antibacterial wipes.. at all times.. they're in my car, purse, other purse, kids backpack... pretty much everywhere.. and I would line the toilet with them... basically creating another seat on top a.. and probably adding significantly to the landfill issue and garbage problem.. Sorry...

    It wasn't often we were in really bad places.. mostly target type restrooms, but still was super grossed out by them all.. I'm certain we also clogged many a toilet.. oops :)
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