do any of you ladies workout while the kids are home or in school? If you do what's your preference of workout.

    8Theresa Gould
    When I have worked out, I have done it in my room. I prefer privacy for workouts but if it's walking, I like to walk with my children/family.
      I go to the gym. or work out at home with them.. or take them to ride their scooters and run among side or do stuff on the lawn while they play.. I prefer the gym of course.. I like to get my workout done and over with.. so I go really hard for 50 minutes in interval training and weights for 20.. alternating legs and arms every other day..

      Workout out for sanity not vanity!! lol
        I work out while my daughter plays in her exercise saucer, and once its safe to walk without slipping on ice i'll be walking with the stroller everyday.
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