Breastfeeding the older child: how weird or normal it is?

I've breastfed up until age 3-ish and for me it was normal. It just felt weird when they would ask to nurse in public. I know that society as a whole here in the U.S. does not really accept breastfeeding in public, let alone nursing an older child. So I would always put my older child off and tell them to wait until we were in the car or at home. I never wanted to address naysayers or why I was still nursing. In other countries it is quite normal for mothers to nurse their children beyond age 3. That's probably slowly changing with the introduction of formula etc. though. It's been a number of years since I studied breastfeeding in other countries so my info may be outdated by now. Time to study it again....

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    Yeah.. I don't know that the term "normal" applies here.. I think what's normal for you, like you said.. For me.. my goal was 6 months.. and then I went 8 with my son and my daughter never got past 2 weeks.. it just never worked ..

    It's up to the mom.. and the family.. and what's right for them.. I wasn't personally comfortable nursing past a certain age.. and I knew that once they could walk and get a juice box, I was done for sure.. lol
      I nursed Audrey until she was 2.5 months. I am very passionate about breastfeeding, and nursed her anywhere and everywhere hoping that someone would say something negative about it so I could educate them... nobody ever said a word! In fact, the only person that ever had anything negative to say was my mother (who breastfed me past 2). Her negative feedback was because I was pregnant though... and I will be the first to admit it is not easy to breastfeed through pregnancy!! It took me some time to figure out what I needed to be eating in order to have enough calories/nutrients for me, the baby, AND a nursling :)
        My first goal was one year, and that came and went. My husband and I talked it over, and I was pleasantly surprised that he doesn't think we should even start weaning practices until two (don't offer, don't refuse was what I had in mind), so that's the next "plan." I no longer pump at work (and I wasn't sad to see that go), but I'll still nurse as frequently as my daughter asks...and it can be quite frequently.

        I will admit that I don't often breastfeed in public. I feel that I have the right, and when my daughter asks in public, I will try to accommodate, but I do feel more comfortable in the car. My daughter is a twiddler, though (Questions? This post and comments explain:…), and does not nurse comfortably unless both of my breasts are exposed, and that makes me feel more uncomfortable than if she were just nursing on one breast and the other was covered. Also, as anyone who nurses a toddler can attest, toddlers do anything but sit still while nursing--the acrobatics can be difficult to support at home on my couch, let alone in a grocery store or restaurant booth. So while I support it fully, if there's a private option (with the exceptions of public restrooms--NEVER), I'll try it first.
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