Having a second child, sometimes just not in the cards

I have always thought that the most important job in the world is raising a child. I love nothing more than to hear a child laughing. The excitement on their face when something new is accomplished. I always wanted to have two children. My husband at the time did not agree. That is a huge regret that I have . I am only telling this because I hope that whomever may read this will discuss in depth with their partner what the preferences are concerning children. It could arise in many difficulties later if you do not agree on the subject.

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      Did he know he wanted one when you got together or did he decide just the one after you had one? Sometimes people don't realize how challenging it all is and think oof, another. no way.. Sometiems it changes the relationship and they don't like it, and worry that another would ruin it totally... or maybe things are great as they are..

      I agree though.. you need to know what the other person wants.. but what I wanted when I got married changes as you get older.. Not the basics.. but some things.. as I grew up, matured, became a mom... lived life a little.. etc..

      I'm sorry if you feel disappointed. :( That's so hard when one person wants something the other doesn't.. Maybe he will change his mind?
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