and waiting until labor starts. I wont be 37 weeks until Saturday but I am so paranoid by all the signs my body has been giving me that I will be going into the delivery room soon. I could just be looking too far into it though. I'm not 100% sure what all the signs are that I should look for. My first baby was induced due to Preeclampsia.

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    I am on day 3 of painful contractions, they included last a lot of pressure and sharp pain pushing down throughout the night. I went from having a ton of energy throughout most of the pregnancy to being completely out of energy. My weight had been steadily rising throughout my pregnancy and then just dropped about a week ago.. My back has been hurting (not sure if it's back labor or not.. didn't have that in my first pregnancy), cramping, a ton of pressure. My husband made me make my hospital bag about an hour ago, he and my family are sure that I could go at any point.
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