..nursing pads.. gel, disposable, washable?

Mamas.. this is so random, but I always love to know what different Mamas love or what works for them.. what kind of nursing pads did you use or love?

Oddly enough, I love the disposable ones the most. The gel kind of annoyed me.. they just weren't my thing :) And washable ones.. eh.. I have too much going on right now :) I use the medela disposables!

    I have used all of the above ... the gel were the nicest but the bulkiest and I could only wear them at home. The washable seemed to be bulky too and I would wear them at home only. However the disposable ones that contour to the breast were the BEST for leaving the house ... you could not tell you were wearing anything at all ... it just slipped right into the nursing bra and was as discrete as a padded bra would be!
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