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I'm not married. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 11 months now and before that we dated for 3 months long distance. He was in the army in Germany at the time. We live together now and it's been a roller coaster. He's broken my trust and I'm not sure if I want to give our daughter his last name. I was thinking maybe hyphenating our last names. But he doesn't like that. I'm hesitant about it because I wanted us to be a family (marriage) but with everything that's happened I don't know if that'll happen. If I become a single mom I would like my daughter to have my last name. I'm just confused about it.

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    This is a hard decision... but my personal opinion would be to go with my gut instinct...what do you feel you would like to do the most? use his name or your name? ... you could hyphenate use yours first then tack on his and drop it off if you become a single mom?
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      Brande sounds like a good plan...
        We talked about it again last night and he told me that with our daughter taking his last name is the only thing he can give her right now. And that since I'm pregnant with her, I get to have a special connection with her and he doesn't. He also said that I'm going to be her mom and there's nothing more special than that. I told him that if we hyphenated our last names then I wouldn't be the only one without his last name. I'll feel left out. Then he told me with everything that's happened he still would like to marry me one day and that he hasn't ruled it out.
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