Bad parenting skills

Bad parenting skills

Do all parents have this when they start a family.? I'm taking care of Andrew all day till dad gets home. And he isn't very patient with Andrew. If Andrew starts crying he leaves him in his room. And when I asked him why He just said because he doesn't stop crying. If my husband is doing something he doesn't even try to see whats wrong with him, I know we all have things we need to do. But I always take care of Andrew before anything I need to get done.And I think my husband should do the same.

    My boyfriend was like that at first with the new baby. He said he was frustrated because he felt like he wasn't doing anything right and she didn't like him and that was why he thought she was crying. I kept encouraging him and giving him time alone with her until he started getting more confident in caring for her.

    He also told me that he was uncomfortable with her being so small, and that it made him feel like he was useless if I came to help when she was crying.

    I think it is common for men to be like that with new babies. Society certainly doesn't encourage men to be good fathers, and I think a lot of times they feel like they're simply going to fail for that reason.

    Keep encouraging him, keep making sure he has time where he needs to care for the baby, and try to keep communication open. If my boyfriend didn't tell me how he felt about all this stuff, I never would have known and I would have kept getting mad at him for how he was taking care of her.
      I think that when a parent (regardless of gender) is home with the child it is easier to get in tune with their needs and wants ... and patience sets in :) ... the parent who is not home all the time (usually working) then comes into a situation that they are trying to handle in a different manner which the child is not used to which can lead to frustration on both parts.

      in my opinion make sure that you are both on the same wave length when it comes to parenting... I know that in the beginning and still currently sometimes my husband and I have conflicting views on parenting... if we do not discuss things before acting we can confuse the children and thus what we are trying to accomplish can be demolished!
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