Coupons are a great way to save money and cut costs. One does not have to be an Extreme Couponer to save money ... just a frugal shopper! One thing to not that shopping with a list and sticking to a list is one way to shop with coupons and stay on budget. If you have a shopping plan you will get more bang for your buck!

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I LOVE Coupons! i constantly use them and give them to other people to use too! i am not a stock piler of misc things but only of things that I need! I know some people who stock up on stuff because it is free or next to free and it is a brand or something that they will never use but HAD to get it because it was free or near free... I am not that crazy coupon lady... but I do have to say I WILL try something new to see if I like it if it has a coupon. Did that with Finish dishwasher in the papet a few months ago made 1 large box 1.18 at walgreens it was a great deal... but the performance of the gel pac was just not up to par with my current cascade platinum that i use! But it was nice to get it so cheap!
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